Music Tracker

The best app for Vinyl and CDs

Music Tracker is a privacy focus app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac to easily keep track of the Vinyl and CDs you own and want to buy.

A synchronized list of Vinyl and CDs

Whether you save a Vinyl or CD on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it’ll be synced across all devices.

Both your record collection and Spaces will be synced seamlessly and automatically so you’ll never lose a Vinyl or CD again – or buy the same album twice because you forgot you already own it!

Easy and comprehensive organization

If you have purchased a new Vinyl or when a friend recommends a new album, you can quickly add it to your library. Next, you can organize the records by dividing them into Spaces.

You can have a Space with your Wishlist or another Space with the Vinyls to play with your friends. 

Take notes and save your favorite quotes

Find a passage within a song that you want to save for later? Music Tracker can save your favorite quotes in one place so you can read them again later.

You can also take notes on your favorite albums to re-read them in the future.

See Credits and play Tracks

See all the artists who collaborated on the album.

With integration with Apple Music, you can play the entire album or a specific track.

Deep integration with iOS and macOS

Music Tracker includes support for the latest Apple features including Shortcuts and Siri, while Widgets can be used to put your favorite Spaces or Quotes right onto your Home screen or Lock Screen.

Lend an album

Often you have to lend a Vinyl or CD to a friend. With the Loaned Out section you can keep track of it and monitor your record list.

Search with Shazam

Are you listening to a song and would like to add the related album to your wishlist? Thanks to the integration with Shazam, you can search for the album of the songs you are listening to.

iCloud sync

Your library is automatically synced on all your devices connected to the same Apple ID via iCloud. No app registration is required. You have to enable both iCloud and iCloud Drive.


Music Tracker doesn’t collect any of your personal data and doesn’t track you in any way. Movies and TV Shows should be fun, not another reason to worry about your data privacy.